Please Don't Feed the Bears... or the Kids.

 One of the issues we faced when Mac was younger was people trying to feed him snacks, treats, goodies- you name it - anytime we were at a social gathering.  As a mom of 4 kids it was impossible to hover over him every second.  And let me tell you, Mac is a lover of all things sweet and snacky.  So as a toddler and preschooler, he wasn't inclined to turn down an offer.  One way to minimize this risk was for Mac to wear a button or a sticker reminding people he had food allergies and not to feed him anything.  Because I found that even though my extended family members knew Mac had food allergies, its easy to forget in the moment.  He also wore his stickers to preschool on occasions like field trips.  Such a simple thing, but it saved us many times over.  You can find stickers like the ones we used by following this link... Food Allergy Stickers

Talk to you soon,